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Rosie and Friends All Natural Bath Products for Dogs
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What makes the Rosie & Friends line so special? TOP
The line is unique for many reasons. It is considered a therapeutic line versus just a spa line. There are no artificial ingredients, no artificial dyes, colors, fragrance, preservatives, sulfates, parabens, petroleum and of course no animal testing. They are friendly to your dog as well as the environment.

Why SLS free and what is SLS? TOP
SLS is short for Sodium Laurel Sulfate a harsh cleansing chemical that is also found in many industrial strength cleaners. It is the agent that causes our soaps to have all of those extra bubbles. The truth is it is not needed in animal shampoos. Their furs can be cleaned equally well without the harsh chemicals, and when a dog is already itching from allergies or other skin issues, it is just one more thing that can cause them to be irritated. So keeping the shampoo pure with as few additives as possible allows for the dog to get the most from the other beneficial oils and ingredients.

What are essential oils? TOP

Essential oils are the most pure liquids that are derived from plants (including parts such as seeds, bark, leaves, stems, roots, flowers and fruit). Their medicinal properties date back to the early days of Egypt and China, and there are also many reference to essential oils in the Bible. They have been used for healing literally thousands of years, and due to their molecular size, they can easily penetrate the skin and tissues. Essential oils have many different qualities and can be used to induce relaxation or invigorate. They can help regenerate and boost the immune system and help bring healing to an area because of their anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities. In short, they are nature's own medicinal cabinet that have hundreds of uses.

How do I use the shampoo and conditioner? TOP
The products are meant to be used as treatments so spending a little extra time in the process gives the product a chance to do its thing. For example while using the conditioner, massage it into the coat until the product has a chance to reach the skin. Work it in so the skin gets the benefit of the oils. Your dog will appreciate the massage as well. The key is allowing the oils to penetrate the irritated areas.

What if my dog has no skin issues? Why use the products? TOP
The natural shampoos and conditioner will keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy. So many commercial products use artificial ingredients including Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and fragrance which actually cause skin irritation. Dogs really do have sensitive skin and appreciate the natural products.

Can the products be used on people? TOP
Absolutely. All of the products are made with human grade ingredients.

How do I apply the Calming Drops? TOP
The Calming Drops are meant to be applied on the back of the neck or spine by parting the fur and simply putting the drops on the skin. The amount depends on the size of the dog and the stress involved. On a large dog you might apply in both areas so that the drops affect the whole nervous system. Since it is a natural product do not be nervous because there are no mistakes. You will find the amount that works best for your dog. Lavender has been used for calming for centuries and it is a gentle way to calm your dog without the drugs.

What about cats? TOP
Cats do not respond to essential oils like dogs. These are products that work best for your dog.

How does the Bug Repellent work? TOP
The bug repellent is exactly that, it repels the bugs. You can spray your dog before walks or if they are spending large amounts of time outside. Essential oil of cedarwood is a great repellent for fleas. Many dog beds are filled with cedarwood chips for that reason. Another treatment is to spray the bedding area or keep the chips in the bed refreshed with the oil. As with all sprays, avoid the eye area and most important, it beats the harsh chemicals found in most bug sprays.

What about international shipping? TOP
For international orders, please contact us by email at

What about wholesale prices? TOP
For information about wholesale prices please contact us directly via email for details.

Will my dog smell like the essential oils in the shampoos? TOP
Actually, they will not. Because they are natural smells they will not linger like a chemical fragrance. Dogs have sensitive noses and the artificial fragrances found in many shampoos and sprays can be irritating to them. They will smell naturally clean without the chemical hangover.

What about shipping? TOP
Most orders will ship within 48 hours, Monday through Friday excluding holidays. Choosing expedited service will reduce the amount of transit time but there are extra charges involved. If not they will go out UPS 2 day or USPS.

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